Norwegian food (Innbundet)

do they really eat this?


Elise H. Kollerud (Illustratør) Julien S. Bourrelle (Oversetter)

Innbinding: Innbundet
Utgivelsesår: 2019
Antall sider: 121
Illustratør: Kollerud, Elise H.
Forlag: Mondå
Språk: Engelsk
Originaltittel: En smak av norsk kultur
Oversatt av: Bourrelle, Julien S.
ISBN/EAN: 9788293622123
Kategori: Mat og drikke
Omtale Norwegian food
Welcome to the weird and surprising world of Norwegian food traditions. "Norwegian Food: Do they really eat this?" is an entertaining introduction to the 22 most notorious Norwegians dish developed since the Viking age and which continue to be popular today.
It takes the reader through the history of traditional Norwegian food, why Norwegians developed these dishes and how these allowed Norwegians to survive the harsh climate of this country at the top of Europe.
The book also provides the culinary background to understanding the surprising social behaviours you will observe in Norway. Understanding food traditions gives insights into how society works and how local people live and communicate.

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